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Song visual 


Reflection of the self

Project Description

My challenge for this project was to create a set of 5 images that reflects and visualizes the emotions of a chosen song.


Image Renderings

Year Created


Adobe Illustrator



“Spend some time away
 Getting ready for the day you're born again
 Spend some time alone
 Understand that soon you'll run with better men”

----- Chamber of Reflection, Mac Demarco -----

Chamber Of Reflection

Chamber of Reflection by Mac DeMarco is one of those song without a definite meaning. While the artist has spoken vaguely about the inspiration behind the song, the meaning is still open for interpretation. For me, this song tells a melancholy story of someone who's trying to steal a moment for themselves, away from the world and duties, in order to better themselves. 

Exploring Melancholy

In order to capture the theme of melancholy I explored

different mediums such as photography, digital, and traditional illustrations. I explored both the literal and metaphorical

meaning of self reflection, using mirrors and illustrations to represent the mind. 

Finalizing The Visuals 

At the end of my exploration, I decided to emphasize on the

use of mirrors to represent the literal sense of reflection while also having an object in each image to metaphorically represent an aspect of the lyrics. For these images, I wanted each one of them to represent a chamber for self reflection.

Exploring The Chambers
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