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Ologies Podcast


Exploring Urban Rodentology

Project Description

My challenge for this project was to translate an audio experience into a visual one while

still keeping the message of the podcast.


Brand Identity

Physical Mock-ups

Printed Materials

Year Created


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Clip Studio Paint


What is Ologies?

Ologies is a comedic science podcast that provides

fun science knowledge and shines a light on what fuels professionals -ologists’ obsession with their fields. This particular episode that the project covers is focused on

urban rodentology, or city rats. 

Combining Comedy And Science

The initial style of the illustrations for the postcards were more cartoonish, aligning the rats with their given comical situations. But at the end, I decided that the rats should be drawn in a semi-realistic manner not only to add to the comedic effect,

but to loosely mimic the aesthetics of old scientific illustrations.

Along with the illustrations, the postcards also have captions that explains the images in a lighthearted tone.

Choosing The Right Medium

The purpose of the podcast is to spread knowledge about obscure subjects to people in a fun and quirky manner. The

idea of sharing knowledge reminded me of an old assignment that required me to send handmade postcards to my classmates.

Postcards are a great way to share a quick thought or a message, which reflects the podcast's theme of sharing fun knowledge. Thus, I thought that the medium was perfect to capture the feeling of the podcast.

Making The Container

The packaging box in a way can be a reflection of the podcast itself. I decided to have the front of the box to only show a glimpse of the rat, reflecting on how most people have a one sided view of the animal. As the box opens, it will reveal the entire head of the rat, giving people the full picture of it. 

But Why Choose Rats?

While they are known as plague bearers and dirty thieves,

there is a side to rats that most people seem to ignore. They

are resourceful creatures that are surprisingly more intelligent than they appear to be. With this project, I was able to show

a glimpse of that hidden side of those fascinating critters.