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NICE packaging

Creating a NICE experience

Colors and Visuals

The visual style of the packaging consists of playful and bright colors to emphasize on the feeling of fun. Along with the colors, hand drawn illustrations of things associated with chewing gum, mint, and gummies will help emphasize the feeling of youthfulness.

Bringing Smiles To Everyone

NICE’s main logo takes inspiration from the shape of the mouth when smiling, aiming to create a fun and inviting feeling for the consumers. The logo also uses bold yet organic typography paired with playful colors to further emphasize the feeling of fun and liveliness.

Every 10% of recycled glass used in production results in

an approximate 5% reduction

in carbon emissions and energy savings of about 3%!

Recycling aluminum can save 95% 
of the energy required to make the same amount of its virgin source!

Glass Packaging

Mining for sand negatively affects the coastline and ocean wildlife along with the vast amount of energy consumed by its production. Furthermore, the recycling rate is only 31.3 percent (2018) while a majority ended up in landfill. At NICE, all of our products does not contain any harmful preservatives. As a result, we need a safe material that can keep our product fresh. Which is why glass is the perfect material for our packaging! 

Aluminum Packaging

One of the biggest issues of aluminum is the amount of energy it takes to mine and process aluminum, along with water contamination, erosion, and damages to natural habitats. Fortunately, aluminum is highly recyclable! This is why as a brand that strives to protect the environment, most NICE’s products will be packaged in recycled aluminum casing to reduce waste and the need to produce more aluminum.

Take a look at the NICE products

Project Description

My challenge for this project was to create a brand for a series of packaging using environmentally conscious materials.


Brand Identity

3D Renderings

Product Design

Year Created



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Fusion 360

Did you know that most chewing gum are made of plastic?

Gum is the second most common form of litter in the world. 

While chewing gum is a daily habit for some, it can be a terrible pollutant for the environment, creating 100,000 tones of plastic waste every year. As someone who loves nature, I want to create a product line that not only is sustainable and safe for the environment, but is fun and inviting to look at.

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