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Electric Vehicle


Aiming for a greener future

Project Description

My challenge for this project was to conduct research and create an infographics that highlights the invisible between the data.


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A race to go Green

With the recent progression of the world's climate, many countries are racing to reduce their emission rate in order

to preserve the environment. As a result, there has been an increase in demands for electric vehicles. Although the electric vehicle market is growing, it comprises a small percentage of cars on the road. This infographics compares the growth of

EV between the US and China to see how consumer demands and government incentives can have an effect on the rise of electric vehicles.

Finding Inspirations

Since the main focus of this infographics is on electric vehicles, I took inspirations from many aspects from their dashboards. I explored the use of circles to represent wheels and bar graphs to represent the many gauges in the dashboards.

Showing The Invisible

During this project, I was able to learn about revealing hidden information, or the invisible, using correlating data set. At first I was unsure how I can reveal the hidden information behind the rise of electric vehicles in China and the United States. But after doing more research, I was able to pin point that government incentives were the reason behind the staggering difference between the numbers of electric

vehicles in China and USA.  

Hopeful Visuals

After some explorations of trying to make the contents of the infographics to look like the inside of a dashboard, I realized that I was focused on the wrong message. Instead of mimicking the cold and industrialized look of electric vehicles, I should focus on bringing a more positive tone to my infographics. Thus, I implemented gradients that represents the wave of electric vehicle spreading across the two countries.

The Animated Version
The Poster
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