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Imagine That

SJSU BFA Class of 2022


Brand Identity

Exhibition Design

Year Created



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Fusion 360

Project Description

IMAGINE THAT is the graduation exhibition of San Jose State University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design Program Class of 2022 which showcases the amazing works of 22 students.

Visual Language

The main concept of the exhibition revolves around the idea of modular design, with each module pieced together to represent our combined imagination. The exhibition team collaborated on brainstorming, devising the floor plans, researching and exploring materials, and constructing the physical modules for the exhibition.

The main materials of the modules consist of foam board panels, cardboard boxes, and vinyl papers. The materials were chosen for their cost-effectiveness and versatility.


There are three main zones in the exhibition: individual projects, group projects, and thesis projects which are designed to be different while still remaining cohesive to the theme.

The Exhibition

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