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Keiichi Tsuchiya Exhibition

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Project Description

Keiichi Tsuchiya is a Japanese street-turned-professional racer. This exhibition design explores the designing experience for the visitors while also paying tribute to his accomplishments and impact on today's racing culture.

Visual Language

The main visual style of the exhibit will focus on bold black and white contrast from the colors of the car with the addition of red and yellow accents from the head and
tail lights.

This hypothetical exhibition, "The King's Machine," will take visitors through the journey of a man who dedicated his entire life to perfecting his craft using his beloved vehicle. The story of the exhibition is split into three parts respective to their location — Dedication, Fame, and Legacy.​

Designing The Story

Located in the courtyard and the entrance, this section is dedicated to showing Tsuchiya's dedication when it comes to honing his racing skills. The red streak-like structures mimic the movement of his car's tail lights, showing the amount of time he spent practicing with his Trueno AE86.


Located in the hallway of the Art Building, this section is dedicated to telling the story of Tsuchiya's rise to fame with his groundbreaking racing film, "Pluspy."


The last section of the exhibition is dedicated to showing the legacy Keiichi Tsuchiya created with his iconic Trueno 86.