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NICE Packaging

Creating a NICE experience


Brand Identity

3D Renderings

Product Design

Year Created



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Fusion 360

Project Description

The NICE brand is a brand that is committed to promoting and providing natural and biodegradable products and packaging for both the users and the environment.

Visual Language

The visual style of the packaging consists of playful and bright colors to emphasize the feeling of fun. Along with the colors, hand-drawn illustrations of things associated with chewing gum, mint, and gummies will help emphasize the feeling of youthfulness.

NICE’s main logo takes inspiration from the shape of the mouth when smiling. The brand's goal is to provide a better and safer product for the user and environment, which gives the logo a positive meaning. As development went on, multiple outlandish and playful forms were explored.

Planning and Development

Since the brand focus on the important of protecting the environment, most of the packaging will focus on reusability. The gum container will be made of mostly aluminum to promote its reusability. NICE will also offer a subscription system that will send users refill packages for their containers.


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